Saturday, May 03, 2008

China vaults past USA in Internet users - now 220 million users in China

China has surpassed the USA as the No. 1 nation in Internet users.

The number of Chinese on the Internet hit more than 220 million as of February.

I wonder how Americans are going to handle this little turn of events.

What is really interesting in the rest of the article it discusses how the percentage of penetration for china is 17% of it's 1.3 Billion population versus 71% penetration of the USA's population of 304 million people.

So with China expected to increase another 13 million users in March to 233 million users how long before there are more people using the internet in China than the entire population of the USA (I'm guessing about 7 months so about the end of this year).

P.S. In case you are wondering Australia has a piddling little 15m users but this is against a pop of only 20.5m so the penetration is actually higher than the USA.

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  1. How will Americans handle the news that the Chinese have beat them at something? They'll be too busy figuring out who they want to win American Idol to worry about such unimportant things like that...

    I haven't read the article yet, but I wonder what percentage of users in China are using the Internet at home via broadband (cable/satellite/xDSL) as opposed to those who are doing so through their mobile handsets. And it should be interesting to see how quickly the adoption of IPv6 and multi-language domain names and Unicode is impacted by this -- and, hopefully, for those of us whose Mandarin or Cantonese is restricted to being able to say "Where's the bathroom?", the automatic translation of webpages into English by such services as Babelfish should improve as well.

    Eddie, who for one welcomes our new Chinese Internet user overlords