Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are you the owner of this little sprog?

This is an open letter to whomever the parents of this snot nosed little sprog is - feel free to pass it on to anyone you know who lives in New York with a 10 -14 year old little shithead that was running loose on the 6 subway with 4 of his friends today on Wednesday afternoon, maybe his parents will take a dim view of the public's thoughts and teach him some manners.

To the Parents of the above;

I appreciate that abortion is not always an option, for various reasons, religious or personal, some couples choose to keep their 90 seconds of sweat and cheap thrills full term through to birth and more often than not think that they will raise a happy and well adjusted individual into the world.

I'm sure you both have busy lives, and this leaves you tired at the end of a long day and unable to provide all the love and attention your smiling progeny needs and deserves. So as time goes on maybe things start to slip, and you dont notice your son now swearing in public with bad language or even getting that god awful wannabe gansta-boy earring this idiot is now wearing.

But I thought you'd like to know that your moronic son thought it was really funny to throw his empty peanut M&M's wrapper right onto the Number 6 subway floor at about the 42nd st stop at approx 12.45pm Wednesday the 28th.

Both myself and the lady sitting next to me saw this and looked him straight in the eye. He then proceeded to laugh, pick it up and then throw it even higher into the air before turning his attention back to his friends.

I pulled out my camera phone and snapped a picture of the wrapper on the floor at which point he saw me do this so he stopped yelling with his idiot friends to strike a pose with a stupid smile and then laughed his head off.

If anyone recognises this 'pride of the future' feel free to forward this post on to his parents so that they can bask in the glory of a job well done.



  1. This makes me really worried for the future.

    But it does make a good example to virtue of using birth control, lol

  2. I'd have ripped his earring out and made him swallow it. But that's just me.