Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free tickets to Under The Radar: Mobility Conference

Want free tickets to Under The Radar: Mobility Conference in San Francisco on November 12th?

Then simply answer this question about why Mobile Video Rocks or Why Mobile Video Sucks.

Below are my answers

This is my submission as to why Mobile Video Sucks.

Carriers globally are being squeezed by rising demands and shrinking ARPU’s. It’s almost like they want to obtain high revenue customers who don’t actually use the services they are paying for.

A perfect example of this is Sprint’s recent redefinition of the English language that “Unlimited Data actually means 5gb”

Mobile video wont truly be a success until battery chemical composition allows better, longer power functionality and therefore faster, stronger processing power BUT more importantly until a carrier decides that you know what “being a dumb pipe is a good thing” and decides to unleash the meanest, fastest and cheapest fat pipe to their mobile clients.

Once mobile carriers get out of the ‘content value add’ business and just stick to providing the very fastest connectivity that physics allow we’ll truly see ‘better content consumption’.

This is my submission as to why Mobile Video Rocks

This ruling last month allowing Cablevision to roll out their 'remote dvr' service where your dvr recordings are stored at a central location is a great win for common sense over Hollywood and the biggest thing to hit mobile video….yet to be talked about.

For the first time clear precedent now exists that I can consume content and not need physical control of the content - it is there for me to access when and where I want - with the limitation that I'm the only person who is able to access it (limiting public performance).

It hasn’t been talked about publicly much but expect Cablevision to move to a “price per GB” remote DVR service allowing high value customers to store more than the standard 40/80gbs. Shortly thereafter they will be launching a browser based solution for laptop and Mobile O/S downloadable application for the on the fly mobile sized encoding of content stored on “your DVR”.

Cloudification of your entertainment content is why Mobile Video truly rocks.


Dean Collins

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