Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FTC ban pre-recorded robo calls

Specifically, the FTC changed its venerable Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to prohibit, as of Sept. 2009, telemarketing calls that deliver prerecorded messages, unless a consumer has agreed to accept such calls from a given caller/seller.
Between now and 2009, telemarketers must provide an obvious, easy and quick way for consumers to opt-out of any call, the FTC said. Such an opt-out mechanism needs to be in place by December 1, 2008.

Way cool .... of course this doesn't stop companies offshoring their operations but it's a good start to SPIT.

There are also some changes to the 97% connection rate for predictive dialers than you can click through to read if you have an interest in this.


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  1. Bummer that political calls are still exempt for all Americans.

    With the general election coming fast,that means voters can expect to be bombarded with political robo-calls.

    I started a non-profit, non-partisan organization last year to combat intrusive robo-calls by using a voluntary, private sector solution: the Political Do Not Contact Registry.

    It’s similar to the federal government’s Do Not Call list. But to succeed it requires politicians who will honor the wishes of voters who’d rather not endure the endless robotic, political phone calls during campaign season.

    North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx was the first to sign our pledge. She has been fighting for the voters’ right to opt out of robo-calls for years. She introduced Congressional robo-call reform legislation and is a voice for change on this issue. So it was natural that she was the first to sign our pledge.

    Voters’ phones will soon be ringing off the hook. Fed up voters can visit our web site at and add their names to our free Do Not Call registry. It’s time we give the political dialogue back to average, concerned citizens.

    Shaun Dakin
    Founder & CEO, the National Political Do Not Contact Registry