Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tjun Industries - No Show contractor

I hate to sound like a pissed off client but I am.

We hired Tjun Industries to do some work in the new brownstone co-op we just purchased.
It's not a big job but the timing was critical in order to get some additional trades through in a timely manner.

My voicemails and emails went unanswered for the last 3 days and with the start date on monday was starting to get worried.

I dialed the mobile one more time this afternoon expecting to get voicemail but from a different phone (I was sitting in a friends office waiting for him to head out to lunch), Meng answered the call and was surprised it was me on the line - when I asked why he hadn't gotten back to me his answer was sorry but we're not going to be able to start on Monday.

He broke his leg and said wont be able to start for another 4 weeks.

Needless to say I'm spending tomorrow looking for a new general contractor.

Having said all this it's turned out to be a blessing in disguise. On Thursday afternoon I was meeting with some other trades people to discuss larger plans we had in mind for 6 months from now (flooring - kitchens etc).

After meeting with them Jodie and I have decided to do all of the renovations now rather than wait.....unfortunately that means the BBQ will have to wait.

Plans now include ripping out both kitchens, all interior walls, lifting sub floors in the rear apartment, laying new hardwood floors throughout the whole apartment, brand new kitchen/appliances - moving plumbing outlets, cabling in home theatre outlets....... lol need consulting work send money :)

Probably better in the long run but I also feel sorry for the people in the building - originally what was going to be a nice quick 2-3 weeks then we'll sort out the rest later kind of project is now going to be 10-12 weeks of trades men in and out making a mess etc.....having said that I think we'll have be asking the board to repaint and recarpet the common hallways in the near future as well because I think they are a little shoddy and due for a refresh as well.



  1. I hate to say it, the kind of people like you pissed me off. You seriously doesn't know the condition of Meng, do you? He got into terrible car accident and he have to stay home and rest. And what do you do? Take out your little crap and write how disguisting his industries are? You know what? People like you really disguise me, you know? He said that he broke his leg for 4 week, but he really need the rest of 4 months. Dean Collins, let this be an warning to you. If i see you insult him like that once more. Everyday, will be a living hell for you. Watching out :) jerk

  2. lol uhm ok, thanks for the threats and the personal insults about the 'footballness' of my head.

    Sorry to hear Meng got hurt in a car accident - he didn't explain how serious it was to me, like I said I am frustrated I had to chase him and he didn't get in touch to let me know he wasn't going to be able to start in two days time he could have called and let me know instead of just ignoring my calls.

  3. Wow Dean you really pissed off that poor illiterate contractor or should I say 'a friend of his'!
    It is rather interesting to note how caustic this contractor - or "his friend"- is about this rather insignificant comment. Especially considering the most content of the blog is about where you guys are at with the reno and how it will all work out anyway.

    Sounds like you are better off without such a hostile company doing your work.
    Funny isn't it considering they are experienced in this sort of work and should fully understand how stressful it is for there customers instead of expecting you to drop everything and send flowers.
    Sorry about the leg Meng but perhaps you could spend your convalescing time catching up on some literacy and some much needed anger management.

    Gee I bet Tjun Industries will be happy with the threatening blog posted on their behalf, way to go! xxx

  4. Dean, I'm sorry to hear about your misunderstanding with Meng. He's a great guy and a very talented builder. I'm an architect in NYC and I've worked with him on dozens of projects.
    Meng is recently out of the hospital and in the midst of a lengthy program of physical therapy and rehabilitation. He was nearly crushed by a truck on the BQE. Personally and professionally I'm very, very glad he's still alive.
    The misguided comments above were most likely from an impassioned, overprotective family member. (Just a guess.)
    If you - or any of your readers - want a reference for Meng or Tjun Industries, please call my office at (212) 475-3531. I can speak at length about the types of projects he's completed for me. I can also refer you to the clients of mine for whom Meng has done great work.
    Construction in NYC is never easy and many contractors deserve bad press... Meng and Tjun Industries most certainly do not.

  5. Hi Calvert, nice of you to stand up for a contractor like that.

    I've posted your number so people will see your comments if they want to follow up.


  6. You're welcome, Dean. Thanks for posting my comment.
    Meng has made many of my clients very happy. After what he's been through, it's the least I could do.
    I hope the rest of your renovation has gone smoothly.
    - Calvert