Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Political fools

We need more articles like this excellent article from the BBC pointing out how foolish Ofcom are being

"When the MPs on the House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport called for greater control over online content to protect young people from exposure to inappropriate material they were roundly criticised for failing to understand how the internet works.

Suggestions that content-hosting sites like YouTube and Flickr should review material before they were posted were especially ridiculed. Observer columnist John Naughton pointed out that at Flickr, "uploads have been between 1,400 and 4,500 images a minute", making the task somewhat less manageable than the committee seemed to realise.

But a couple of weeks later telecoms regulator Ofcom has agreed that content delivered to mobile phones should continue to be restricted. It suggested that although the current self-regulatory scheme managed by the Independent Mobile Classification Body is working it could be made a bit stronger in some ways.

Yet nobody is writing angry blog posts about how foolish Ofcom is, or how the mobile operators are taking away our online freedoms by limiting access to some types of material, and in fact the general view is that Ofcom and the mobile industry are doing it right, and the system just needs to be tweaked. "


As Australia is also wasting money in the process of building a "think of the children" netnanny as well I just feel like any politician not computer literate should be put out to pasture for good (that includes John McCain... not that I'm pro Obama either but I just think it's ridiculous that he can turn around and say no I dont use computers!!! WTF he should have been thrown out of the race as soon as this was made public).


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