Monday, June 15, 2009

The future of the web isn't monetising content but tools

I wrote a comment in response to this article that i thought was worth copying here.

Basically my proposal is that the future of the web isn't in monetising content, but tools to make sense and organise all the information that is out there already.

"One of the aspects i think most people are missing about Google Wave.... is Google Robots.

Yes the 'monetisation' hooks aren't even built yet for a Wave App Store but when you think that a Google Robot could site between you and all of your interactions with anything web related and do "stuff" in real time.

(the real time english/japanese translation example of the launch video was good but not 'un-thought' of, there are plenty of others less obvious but even more usefull day to day)

eg "in 15 minutes of brainstorming one of the ones we came up with was at barcampnyc4 was a 'CNBC' wave robot that would insert into any document real time financial information about a company where a financial ticker symbol was implemented into a Wave enabled document"
(more here -

So to answer your and Barry Dillers question, yes the future of the web is monetisation BUT it's not going to be for content BUT for tools to handle the organisation and integration of the information on the web to turn it into something purposeful and worthwhile.

P.S. Dont bother, the domain has already been taken.

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