Monday, June 08, 2009

North Korean Nuclear Threat (WTFTM)

I have to get something off my chest that has been bugging me all weekend while watching the news.

CNN etc are going nuts this week about North Korea and their growing 'Nuclear Threat' (whatever connotations that is supposed to mean).

So basically everybody is running around freaking out because North Korea detonated an underground Nuclear explosion last week and America is all like "awww we dont like that, you must stop now, we're going to get the UN to put you on the state terrorism list, please stop now".

Ok So this is my message to America - STFU.

What right do you have to say what any other country can and cant do. You blew the crap out of Arizona in the 40's and 50's with your underground nuclear test explosions, you have more missiles than anyone else and could blow North Korea into hole deep enough to make Seoul waterfront property.

What right do you have to huff and puff and determine which countries can and cant have Nuclear weapons.

When you want to talk to me about leading by example and reducing your own Nuclear weapons then I'm happy to talk.

If Obama wants to show how he can be a true President of change and prove that "Yes We Can" and begin reducing the USA's own Nuclear missiles then I'll be a big supporter.

Otherwise GAGF.


BTW unrelated but along similar Sovereign Rights issues, apparently "I Suck"

- "Sovereign rights only work one way huh otherwise I 'suck' "

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