Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wave App Store mechanisms

Obviously just because of the much wider scope of applications a Wave App Store (dont bother the domain has been registered already) has the potential to be huge and even bigger than the iPhone App Store.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how third party developers could charge for the use and license of their Wave App Robots?

I was at BarCampNYC4 on saturday morning and in 15 minutes of brainstorming the ones i came up with was a 'CNBC' wave robot that would insert into any document real time financial information about a company where a financial ticker symbol was implemented into a Wave enabled document.

Another one was an IMDB robot where the name of any actor, producer or film title could import real time information directly from the landing page of the IMDB content into your email/content.

Obviously both of these 'are traffic generating' so could be given away from BUT what about third part Wave Robot developers?

What are the protocols involved to monestise their development costs?

Dean Collins

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