Friday, June 12, 2009

MS outfox Firefox

I read this today;

Ha ha i love it - when i first heard this story i was like ok but how are they going to get the browsers onto the machines without a browser in the first place.

Great to hear that MS is going to distribute disks - this is the way it should be, each browser company is responsible for 'their own distribution costs', ha ha sucked in to the vendors who thought MS was going to be forced to pick up the tab for distributing 'their competing browser products'.

It's not MS's fault that their competitors cant get users to adopt them. i laugh at people like Opera complaining they still only have 2%.



  1. A better way to do it would be to use repositories like Linux. It could be GUI based.

  2. that's pretty damned funny! and good for Microsoft!

    personally, after many years of enjoying IE, after i upgraded to IE8 i had to make the switch to Firefox 3. i was crashing every 2 minutes! and i'm not one of these types that mods and installs everything under the sun either.