Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Verizon doing the guerilla

I love stuff like this – there was a startup in Silicon Valley a few years back that paid the toll for everyone on then 101 freeway (basically people wearing company logo shirts with the web address throwing quarters into the toll bucket for a few hours)

Verizon Offering 99 Cent Cab Rides In N.Y. Today; Mr. Softee Later
Thanks to a guerilla marketing effort by Verizon, New Yorkers can get a cab ride today from select locations in Manhattan to anywhere else in the borough for the fixed fee of 99 cents. And, in two weeks, they'll be able to buy a Mr. Softee Ice Cream from trucks at select points in the city for the same price. The goal is to promote Verizon prepaid cellular plans, which have a daily usage fee of 99 cents, Steve McClellan reports.

"Brand ambassadors" at locales including Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal will manage the flow and collect the fares for Verizon-branded taxis. The ice cream promo, set for June 23, will feature four Verizon Wireless-wrapped trucks at locations in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens during the lunch hour. Branded napkins with additional prepaid details will be dispensed with the treats. Natan Cohen, a Universal McCann media planner on the account, says Verizon views the taxi and ice cream stunts as a "pilot program" that could lead to additional events in New York and other cities after it reviews its success in converting cheapskates into paying customers. -
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