Monday, July 13, 2009

Augmented Reality business card

I am so jealous and so want this. It's obviously a first draft and needs work but this is too cool.

Watching this makes me realise we need a AR standardised service like QR codes, eg all 'applications' display data calls in the same format etc.

Obviously the data will be pulled down from a web services domain but the url and format for the information on that domain should be standardised - I'm suggesting we go for the following format

Once an application sees a suffix /AR/ it knows to make a web call to whatever augmented reality application is installed on the computer/phone.

The it knows to make a web call to the particular domain to pull down the information.

All thats missing is working out the 'standardised' way to convert whatever image/shape/design into the URL for the web call.

We can use the 2 dimensional shape displayed on this card (and others) or we can user a 2D codes style service, kind of like QR codes but with a z axis function. My suggestion is to implement MoseyCode for this functionality as the creator has open sourced the license but thats going to be a matter for common consensus.

Either way this is something we are going to need if we are going to start flipping business cards out to people and not expect them to download 50 different AR applications.


(hat tip to David Polichock at BEL for finding this first)

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