Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Woman in Berlin

Just got back from seeing "A Woman In Berlin" tonight.

Wow - what a phenomenal movie.

So complex, so confronting, so applicable to the current state of wars and nationalistic biases and turf battles that we have happening in our world right now, this very week....yet somehow so sanitised in the 6pm evening news.

There's lots i want to say but i also dont want to give it away, this is not a movie review - if you need details go read the imdb site, this is a recommendation you take my word and just see it.

This is a movie you will be thinking about for weeks to come.

Basically there are layers to this movie that change how you react many times over, is she shameful, is she a survivor, are they animals or are they disturbed with what happened in their own pasts.

Juxtaposed with what we know happened 40 years later with the collapse of the soviet union and the globilisation of Germany makes it even stranger.

Take tissues, Jodie bawled her eyes out pretty much from the first scene, strangely i didn't cry until the last scene when they start to 'clean up the apartment' hoping they were going to get it together...... (yes i'm the eternalistic romantic).

It's strangely funny in scenes and also touching about what it means to be intelligent and appreciated by another intelligent person.

We saw it at The Anjelika, so if you are in New York go see it there

It's probably going to have fairly limited release so make the effort, you'll appreciate it if you do.


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