Saturday, July 04, 2009

Now that China Mobile has opened up their app store to 500m users are any of you going to be submitting your apps for international consumption?

Interesting to see they are offering applications for multiple Mobile OS's and with the China Mobile O phone coming out in 2 months i expect that a lof of the apps will be heavily weighted towards Android (O phone is a HTC android with custom os).

China Mobile are keeping 50% of all app sales as commission but with 500,000,000 end customers....they get to call the shots (big enough that they still haven't given into Steve Jobs at Apple - people think China Mobile is crazy that they still haven't come to terms on the rev model splits with Apple so have kept the iphone out of China, lol crazy like a fox i think, with the Ophone now just months away China Mobile doesn't care if one of the smaller carriers pick it up now).


Considering i still own the domains + .net + .org + .mobi it's an interesting space to keep watching.

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