Wednesday, July 01, 2009

UK Vodafone femtocells now available

For those of you who have been waiting for AT&T to announce the public availability of their femtocell appliance in order to fix the shitty AT&T network coverage this will interest you.

Vodafone Access Gateway (femtocell) launched in UK Its July 1st and Vodafone have officially launched their access gateway product in the UK. For those who are wondering what this is - its a femtocell with a curious title. Although Vodafone had made a press announcement at the Femto World Summit last week, its nice to see how they are packaging and presenting it to customers here in the UK. Some initial observations 1. Apart from buying it directly for £160, it is being bundled with var...Read More

I’m assuming it will be offered on similar commercial terms as I think if AT&T charge a monthly fee people will riot – was hoping for a cheaper price than $US220 though.

P.S. Sprint to offer theirs in the USA before AT&T.... ... maybe - no details on pricing or if included under plans so doesn't matter.

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