Monday, July 13, 2009

Has the ringer in your HTC Tytyn 2 (AT&T 8525) stopped working?

Has the ringer in your HTC Tytyn 2 (AT&T 8525) stopped working? The phone is fully operational but none of the ringer sounds can be activated.

Turns out there is a design fault in the AT&T 8525 where over time the 'ringer' connecter dislocates from the phones motherboard.

5 minutes and you can fix it as good as new.
Step 1: Remove the back cover, remove the battery, remove the 4 small screws circled in red below. Congratulations you are further along than any iPhone :P
Step 2: Partially seperate the rear cover with a credit card.
Step 3: You only need to open it as the 'OK' button, as long as you can see this small white connecter with Red & Black wires then this is far enough.
Step 4: use a small set of teezers or some other object to push down on the connector (in the direction of the button towards the motherboard).

Reboot your phone and it's as good as new.



  1. Thanks for your tip. You just made me a hero in my wife's eyes and save me from having to buy her a new phone!

  2. No probs, yeh my wifes phones stopped working as well which was why i had to google what was involved but no one had photos like this so i thought i'd put some up.

    good to hear it helped you out.