Thursday, July 02, 2009 with 49 states in the USA and 71 countries

I was looking into the google analytics today for and noticed that we have had visitors from 49 states of the USA

Which i think is cool but no one from Wyoming, Vermont or Hawaii?

Kind of curious why no one from Hawaii - if you know of anyone send them a link and ask them to sign up for an account :)

Was also interested to see that we have had visitors from 71 countries which i think is weird as although i emailed a few friends etc from Australia I've never really made any effort to market elsewhere in the world so curious why/how these people found out about such USA orientated MLB 2009 content.

Not sure there are too many baseball fans in Finland etc but yet there they are.


P.S. Howard Greenstein commented on "49 states then i point out 3 missing", for the sake of brevity i said 49 states when i should have said 49 states, districts and territories....thank you Howard.

Though having said that i'm curious how Google Analytics treats American Samoa, Guam, Marianas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and what is missing in the GA list.

Will have to go do more research.

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