Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Enter the App Age?

Steve Smith wrote this great article "Enter the App Age"
........"I was curious," my daughter answers, as if I should be proud of her experimental spirit rather than scold her for wasting $1.99 on an app she really didn't want anyway. Now that she is armed with her SIM-less iPhone and going a little app-crazy, the regular receipts I get from Apple are a laundry list of weird downloads.

My Comment to his article is below;

lol your article had me racing to my registrars website to see if "InternetAppStore.com " was taken unfortunately it was (I already own http://www.mobileappstore.com/).

But i totally agree with you that apps and snack size media is the future, and even if you only use it a few times before it gets deleted you still feel satisfied.

My question however is why does everyone run around saying pay walls wont work and rupert murdoch is an old print fogey who 'has lost his marbles'?

Consuming content in snack sized pieces called apps sounds exactly like micropayments for content to me.


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