Saturday, December 19, 2009

Google gets out their checkbook
Google and Yelp are in advanced acquisition negotiations, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. And while the deal isn’t done, we’ve heard that it’s very likely to close. The price is supposedly at least $500 million.

Google buying Yelp
6 Reasons Google wants to buy Yelp.

Wow - who would have thunk it, $500m dollars for a resturant review site you could build with the most basic of CMS platforms.

I really wonder where the ROI is on projects being bought for this kind of money, i mean how does google expect to get paid back on this deal (albeit Yelps 2009 revenue is supposed to be about $30m - but do they really expect this business to be around for 14 years?)

Yelp raised $31m over 4 rounds so either way i'm sure there are some VC's having a very merry Christmas.


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