Wednesday, December 02, 2009

NHL trying out Tweetmixx dashboards

Was reading this today;

The National Hockey League (NHL) on Wednesday becomes the first in a handful of companies scheduled to launch a white-label platform from Mixx that aggregates tweets from Twitter on Web sites and blogs. TweetMixx Channels creates a distribution channel for tweets both off and on Twitter. The platform comes with a widget that bloggers can embed on a variety of sites. A plug in to Facebook will launch in two weeks. The product roadmap also includes a snippet of code to personalize iGoogle and other Web pages. The platform has filters to monitor chatter, too.

Wondering if there is there any manual 'curation' of the comments? How are they going to prevent another "skittles effect"

One of the reasons that we dont pull Tweets about games into websites is that fans want dialog, not lots of "one way shouting".

Technically it is very easy to do (we already do outbound tweets and posts from the chat) just not sure if we would 'want to'.


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