Sunday, December 20, 2009

Russell lost survivor??

I cant believe Russell lost survivor - that is absolute BS crap.

Natalie did nothing to get herself through to the end - people are just pissed off with Russell and jealous that he makes so much money.



  1. Russell lost "Survivor" in my opinion when he chose to vote out Shambo. He should not have kept Natalie. She rode him to the end, and because she seemed weak and manageable to him he underestimated her. Galu, who comprised most of the jury, liked Natalie and were angry with Russell. Russell could have won if he had voted out Natalie in place of Shambo and carried Shambo and Mick to the end. I don't think he could have won against Jaison. Jaison is very articulate and could have pled a good case, but Russell could have won with Mick and Shambo. Remember Galu never liked Shambo, so they wouldn't have voted for her to win. In short, Russell lost the game when he decided to keep Natalie and cut Shambo loose.

  2. I just want to know why these buttwipes get upset about lies and backstabing when that is the name of the game ...these people are like the people that love fish ...but they wish it wasn't so fishy.
    Rusell will go down in history as the greatest player and they should call the show ...not survivor but popularity....they shold go back to the old format when they only had two at the end.

  3. You have a good point. When it came to the end and they took the walk through the island to remember the "fallen" I wondered why there were three. The walk is usually taken when it is down to two. I agree, it should go back to the old format.