Monday, December 14, 2009

Mobile Ad Networks - are they a scam?

Just got told i needed to have 100,000 minimum daily impressions in order to sign up for Moovoo mobile ad network; when i asked him how many click throughs were they getting on average for that 100,000 impressions he refused to answer - the call ended with him saying mobile advertising is a $400m business in 2009 and going to double in 2010 - yeh ok but how many people are clicking on the ads?

I see a ton of mobile ads displayed on free mobile apps on my Droid from AdMob but i dont think i've clicked on one yet (at least not on purpose - for some reason when i go to close the "Kill-All" app i keep hitting the admob advertisement).

Is mobile advertising a scam? eg, publishers getting rich from marketers spending money but little in the way of traffic.

Does it even matter with the quality of mobile screens these days (eg my droid goes to regular pages instead of mobile versions). Is google the next No1 mobile ad network provider? is there a decent mobile ad network that pays decent CPM rates which dont vary the minute you put their ads on your platform?

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