Thursday, December 24, 2009

TV - how hard are you prepared to hunt?

Great article below

Debunking IPTV Myths
Online video adoption is constrained by the amount of premium content available in real-time, business-model challenges

My comments are;
I think the curatorial value the networks/channels are providing is often overlooked and under valued.
When i first came across Akimbo several years ago i thought "this is the future of all tv" (all on demand, ppv via the net, to a tv connected set top box).
It lasted about a month when i realised that you really could have the scenario "1m channels and nothing good on".
People sometimes just want to come home from work, kick off their shoes and sit back and watch.
Boxee does make things a little easier, but at the end of the day hunting around various locations for your content may be a pain threshold thats too high to cross at 9pm at night.

Dean Collins

So what do you think? how hard are you prepared to hunt for your 30/60 minute fix? Do you really want to watch anything at anytime or do you just want to be entertained.

If you could watch anything at anytime, how long would it be before you ran out of 'things to choose' and needed someone to recomend something for you to watch? (hmmm do i sniff startup business opportunity there? kind of like but for tv – hold you smartphone up to the tv, let it capture a 30 second audio snippet and then it tells all your friends what you are watching on tv/online).


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