Monday, December 13, 2010

Are you ready to pay Samsung a weekly fee to watch their TVs?

Great article from Shelly Palmer below about what your tv manafacturer has in plan for you. Did anyone ask you your thoughts?

Fighting For the Digital Living Room – Wrong!!!
Shelly Palmer
We’re not fighting for the living room, we’re fighting for the account.”
Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to get rough.
According to Mr. Anderson, Samsung, makers of exceptional consumer electronics, will sell over 8.5 million Internet connectible flat screen television sets this year. And, approximately 5.5 million of them will be broadband connected and registered online within a week or so of being purchased.!/notes/shelly-palmer/fighting-for-the-digital-living-room-wrong/174135142608455 

Hi Shelly,

I watched online in real time the Guardian TV conference a few weeks ago (unfortunately only looks like highlights are available rather than the full 16 hours).
I was very surprised by the CE vendors about how much of an influence in the future they thought they were going be (Samsung in particular).
I didn't hear any discussion from these vendors about billing arrangements so i wonder how many people are prepared to pay a weekly/monthly/per event fee on top of the TV costs to Samsung to watch "the samsung channel".
I always assumed it would be a YahooTV or other "community" owner who built this content out - does Samsung really have the experience necessary to turn silicon chips into virtual credit chips?

Dean Collins

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