Friday, December 10, 2010

Logitech G11 macro ALT+TAB problem

I thought i would write this for SEO reasons and hopefully other people wont waste 30 mins trying to solve the problem - and if someone does solve it please let me know (the logitech forums have no answers to this problem either).
Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Logitech G11 keyboard there is a small problem with macros. It seems you cant program in an ALT + Tab event into a macro to enable screen switching from one application to another.

You can pretty much do anything else you can think of though which is why i would never give this keyboard up, but basically when the macro recorder does the ALT+Tab macro event the profiler app loses focus and collapses back onto the screen the last keyboard event occured in :(

Spent 30 mins trying to solve this so if you work out how to do it please let me know (you can script with the Logitech G11 so i might try again over the weekend but as far as i can tell this is a big negative for macros here).



  1. no kidding...basic functionality missing - u can try uberoptions

  2. i googled so here is the page for this app, haven't tried it yet though -