Wednesday, December 01, 2010

When are QR code readers going to get past "Beta" functionality?

I was just asked this question on Facebook Questions

Here is my response

No. Too many choices and no need to standardise.

When are we going to see a QR codes reader that does more than the basic "reading" functionality is what i want to know.

When will we see a QR code reader that;
  1. Stores the last 50 codes your read for later access.
  2. Uploads codes you've read to a web page that allows you to access them from a desktop browser, possibly allowing you to "tag" them at a later date or at least view the content from another browser on you pc.
  3. Allow you to sms or email a qr code to a friend once you've read them.
Basically as i see it QR code readers (and therefor their developers) are in the dark ages (lol feel free to hire me for further product application design).




  1. The ZXing reader for Android does 1 & 3. It also expands URLs so you can see the destination link.

  2. Terrence,

    You are right but i wish it would forward the barcode itself with the emails.
    (also the process of going into history first is kind of clunky)

    and yes this is the reader of choice i use for myself personally.