Friday, December 03, 2010

Biggest change at YouTube since live broadcast

YouTube introduced the biggest change since live broadcast events in march 2010 (eg the IPL live tournament coverage).

TrueView video ads allow you to "skip forward" past the add (eg think fast forwarding on your dvr).

In an attempt to benefit both consumers and advertisers, the new TrueView video ads will give viewers the option of skipping an ad after the first five seconds and will only charge advertisers if their ads play for their entirety or 30 seconds, whichever is shorter.

Now what is really really interesting and not covered here is whats happening with the backend buying model. Like what happens with google ads - ads that get clicked on a lot will rise to the top and appear more often "and the theory is" that the CPM charges for them will go down (lol yeh right, since when have you known Google to leave money on the table).

The idea is that if you have a crappy ad that people dont pay to view and the skip past after 5 seconds you wont be seen as much. lol imagine spending 20k to shoot a high quality video add for YouTube only to find the end users telling you that your ad sucks and that you cant get it shown without shelling 5 times more.

The idea of project Canoe is to deliver targeted cable tv ads....wonder if they want to tempt fate by doing similar. What a Damocles Sword that concept would be.


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