Thursday, December 09, 2010

Facebook is small....when compared to TV

Wow, really interesting article - i'm totally not sure how to take this article that we watch a truckload of TV? or that Facebook is small and we really do get carried away with the latest and greatest.

Either way this is a great article with some sobering numbers.

CBS Audience Five Times Bigger Than Facebook
There is no question that Facebook is the hottest destination on the Web today.

However, as I learned from David Poltrack, chief research officer of CBS, during his presentation at the UBS Media & Communication Conference, CBS attracted almost 240 million viewers in October, who spent 210 billion minutes watching CBS programming. Yes, CBS is five times bigger than Facebook. As I learned last week from Jack Wakshlag, chief research officer at Turner Networks

If Facebook was measured as a TV network, it would be comparable in size to PBS.
PBS? Yes.

Is PBS worth $50b? If not why not?


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