Sunday, April 07, 2013

Allen Stern RIP

Not sure what the story is yet but just heard on Facebook that Allen Stern has passed away -

As most of you know he sold  a while back and moved to Austin to get his life and body into shape and had been doing great with his new fitness focus and website  

(I don’t know how much weight he lost but when I saw this photo of him I almost didn’t recognize him)

He was always happy to help people out in anyway he could and my last email with him was two weeks ago where I introduced an aussie startup to him to talk about his experiences with (another company he started and still ran) as they were in a similar field and within hours he responded to help out.

He was an asset to NY and to the startup community, maybe this is a good example that without health and love….money means nothing.

I’m heading out this morning for a jog.

Dean Collins

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