Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tmobile major screwup

So Frank the CFO of Verizon said recently …”We don’t think people really want unlimited data” so Verizon made a commercial decision no one on a grandfathered unlimited data plan could sign up for a new subsidized handset on a new 24 month plan eg. If you had unlimited you had to pay for your phone outright in order to continue with your plan (in effect paying for the phone twice in both cash upfront and on a higher plan cost per month).

My first response was….either bite your tongue and bend over or show them that customers will walk…..so yesterday I signed up online with Tmobile for the S4 and thought I’ll show you…..

Wow….I haven’t even made my first call on Tmobile and already pining for Verizon.

Ok so this morning I received a “order processed” email from Tmobile to say thanks for your order, and here is the UPS expected arrival date…. WTF?? The 6th of May…..hmmm so much for overnight shipping but sure I can live with it.

The real issue is this, I went to make a call on my Verizon cell phone this afternoon…..wtf….it's dead.

Call Verizon thinking they screwed up and maliciously disconnected the handset they are saying that no….Tmobile have screwed up 100,000 orders and ALL Tmobile ports yesterday went immediately rather than on demand when the sim card gets put in when you receive the handset.

Verizon even offered to make a “port back request so my Verizon handset would work again” temporarily.

Called Tmobile and they are all like oh I’m sorry anyone who purchases their handsets online this is the ways its configured for online orders and “have a nice day”……and I’m like ….wtf??


  1. Sounds like the best option would be to order the phone online and after it gets to you, go to T Mobile and have the phone number ported after you have it in your hand maybe.

  2. Sure...but their online signup didn't show this as an option - it just said whats your mobile number and what carrier etc.

    I'd hate to find that if I said I need a temp number then find out I have to pay a fee for associating my number etc with the correct one etc.

  3. also your site is blacklisted by google chrome and i would guess opera as well due to bad script or something on your site

  4. BTW for anyone reading this.....been using Tmobile for a few days now....come on in the water is fine (at least within NYC anyway).

    So Verizon....no one will leave huh....I guess at least 1 did.