Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey Boardwalk Empire left your shit out the front of my apartment today

Stay classy guys..... came home today to see that the Boardwalk Empire production team left their shit half on the footpath and half on the road out the front of my apartment today after they left from filming.

Nice move guys. Next time you want to come and film in Brooklyn heights expect someone to be out there with an air horn.

This isn't Manhattan with crap all over the place, we care about what our streets look like.


  1. BTW I got some offline emails from people, no they weren't filming in our apartment but around the corner - there is a church next door to us and they use this as a "staging area" the trash is from the catering at this staging area.

  2. Sometime during the night (eg after 9pm when I saw it last when walking the dog) this trash was removed.

    Someone in the production team doesn't seem to feel I have a valid point of view.


  3. It's because you dont! It's a few trash bags! Get over it! They'll be gone before you know it.


  4. probs, post your address in the comments below anon....i'll be over to leave some stuff thrown around in front for you to admire.

    Honestly, i'm pretty over it considering sometime last night it was taken away but if you consider 10ftx10ftx3ft of stuff a few bags....hate to see how clean you keep your house.

    If they just stacked it neatly I probably wouldn't have said anything but henrys International Cuisine didn't even make any effort to stack boxes/bags neatly that pissed me off.