Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston bombings

So folks....probably too soon to ask this goes.
 I'm wondering why Americans are so appalled about Boston when the exact same thing happens many times a day in other countries around the world.....often caused by USA funded political issues.

 How many people were blown up in Syria yesterday (USA funded)
 How many people were blown up in Iraq yesterday (USA prolonged)
 How many people were blown up in Afghanistan yesterday (lol lets face it UK,Russian,USA supported/paid for/prolonged).

Is it because they are brown people? Don't they count too?

What would you say to Obama if you had 5 minutes to discuss with him today?

Where is the outrage in the street about what has been committed in your name overseas? Where are the protests on Pennsylvania avenue? When are we going to evolve?

Next time you see a report on PBS or CNN about something happening....somewhere, will you take to Twitter and Facebook in droves, or will you change the channel on your big screen and sit comfortable and ensconced in your sofa.

Probably too soon, but if not now-when?

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