Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fox threatens to pull FTA content.....Goodbye, free TV?

Goodbye, free TV?
News Corp. COO Chase Carey said his conglomerate is considering moving programming from its Fox broadcast network, which viewers can receive over the air, for free, to its pay cable networks.
Carey floated the idea during a speech at a TV industry conference today, in response to a recent court ruling that gave startup Aereo the go-ahead, at least temporarily,  to show programming from Fox and other broadcasters on its Web TV service, without paying for the shows.

is this really a viable option for Fox?  what sort of viewer numbers would they lose? more importantly.....would this mean that they could have to allow in another content provider into their OTA slots if they move to cable only.

I'm assuming its all a bluff but curious for more details about what this really means.

Personally I think this will never ever ever ever happen...so not sure why they are even making the bluff, but curious what happens if this rolls out to other countries.

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