Thursday, April 25, 2013

Verizon tiered data plans...uhm just say NO!

About 6 weeks ago my Motorola Droid 3 with Verizon just stopped working after 20 months....uhm disappointing as my Verizon Droid 1 lasted about the same time but shit happens as they say (which tells me we shouldnt be forced to sign 2 year contracts) and the new Samsung S4 was coming up so I purchased a run around replacement 2nd hand off ebay to use for a few months while waiting while my 2 year contract ran out.

The Samsung S4 pre-order email came in today so I was off like a shot online to order it in black.

Uhm hang on..... erk problem with the ordering saying my plan isn't valid

Get onto the Live Chat  auto reply says sorry but we don't give a shit about our existing customers and yes your plan is not grandfathered in as we are forcing ALL our Samsung S4 upgrades to move to tiered data.

I ask please check with your supervisor as otherwise i'll be moving my plan.

Live Chat auto reply is "sir if you check your data you'll find you don't use enough for it to matter".......uhm sorry but I WANT unlimited data.

Live Chat sir this decision was made some time ago and we will let you continue with your current plan on your current handset but to move to faster 4G you MUST upgrade to a new tiered data.

Uhm no sorry I don' plan is finished I can take my business to either Sprint or to Tmobile

I'm outta here.

So folks in the words of Nancy Regan ...."Just say NO"

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  1. I've never had any respect for Verizon specifically for the way they treat their customers. I recently got a job selling phones with a competing company I won't name and I see people in my store every day complaining about the way Verizon is treating them.