Friday, March 14, 2008

Alex Lodico Ensemble

This is what I love about NY.

I caught the S subway this evening and at the 42nd street end is a 6 piece Jazz band with an absolutely hammering trombone player.

There was about 20-30 people just standing around and listening. I captured it on video but my cell phone just doesn't record loud music well.

I bought a cd from them for $10 and have uploaded 4 of the tracks into the "music of the day" box on the bottom right.

Apparently they are called the Alex Lodico Ensemble - dont know if they play gigs around town but they sure know how to fill a train station.


Update - 31st March 2008
P.S. someone just emailed me this YouTube link to a clip at Penn Station


  1. I just saw them yesterday for the first time on the 34th St Subway. I was headed downtown when I stopped short at the sound and the crowd surrounding them. MAN! I was blown away! I stood there for a good 30 min before I left, gave a donation took Alex's card. One of the best Jazz bands I have ever heard. One of the best bands period. What energy and joyful improvisation style.

  2. I just heard them at Penn Station. Holy cow - they were awesome. The sax section was tight and those kids can really play. Gonna go write about them on my blog too! Fantastic.

  3. I saw them perform on Dec. 29'08 on 42nd and Times Square station. I was amazed, there were 7 musicians playing (including Alex, of course) and they kept playing for... I'm not sure, but I was standing there for 45 min. and they didn't stop once.
    They are magnificent musicians and really get to the people, all the time I was there, there were about 20 persons standing there, every single once enjoying or dancing, none would even blink.
    Alex gave me himself his card (it was a stamped piece of paper) and it reads like this:
    Alex LoDico - Trombonist
    available - parties weddings etc
    Tel.: 212 533 7020