Sunday, March 23, 2008

WTF is 'Eco' Luxury Vodka

I mean seriously any idiot that buys this Vodka 360 deserves to be ripped off.
Go here for more barf material

I'm sure somewhere in NY there is some 'money' guy impressing his queens girlfriend and paying way more than he should and I don't place the blame on him but place is solely at the feet of the marketing company like a dead cat should be.

Seriously there should be some code of morals among marketers that says next time someone comes into your office with an idea as stupid as this you should be bound by a code of conduct to laugh their ass back onto the street where it deserves to be regardless of how fat the invoice will be.

Van also have a lot to answer for as well for that billboard....enjoy that summer home of yours in the Hampton's.


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