Thursday, March 20, 2008

CD User Experience

So I doubt anyone in the music industry will actually read this but I have to vent.

Has anyone reading this blog recently had "an enjoyable cd opening user experience"? I mean seriously how hard is it to open the wrapping/stickers/crap that is associated with a new cd in order to play it and enjoy it.

I think it's once of those crappy tasks in life that is just annoying enough to piss people off but because we do it so infrequently it's just something we brush off.

The only problem is I tend to buy my cd's in big lots - I'll go crazy on amazon and order 10-12 at a time about 4 times a year and it's pretty rare for me just to walk into a store to buy 1 cd.

So every time I get a delivery I then have to spend about 3 minutes a cd, unwrapping that shitty plastic wrap that you can never find the seal for. Then I have to break that sticky thing on the top- that never peels off correctly so always require 2 sides plus the top. Then you have to peel off those paper stickers they put on the front of the case like "new" or "top 10 for 2008" or like whatever.

And if they can invent post-it note sticky formula - why it is that the gum they use on those paper stickers never really comes off no matter how hard you try.

I'm sure Moby or Madonna have their cd's hand delivered to them in a padded envelope from a record exec straight from the printer but for the little people., paying for the experience of listening to a new cd get crappy frustration before you can enjoy listening which kind of bums out the experience.

P.S. yes I know downloads are going to save the world......for now I like my music drm free and on something where my right to listen doesn't change when I replace a hard drive or something like that.

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