Monday, March 24, 2008

Nice Mashup -

Jeff Pulver has knocked together a nice IP TV mashup;

No business model associated at the moment, and I think they are going to run out of squares really quickly with all the tv content going online.

But a great example of knocking together a quick and dirty mashup.....wondering whats going to happen once they throw up a business model in front of it?



  1. dean,

    thanks for the writeup.

    any suggestions as to how to solve the square real estate question?
    1) Bigger cube
    2) smaller thumbnails
    3) something else ?

  2. Hi Amit,

    I posted it to the newtech-1 list today in case you are wondering where the 500 NY based hits came from :)

    Most of the feedback on the site was crappy cube control and how the cub dissapeared once you started viewing the video.

    Let me know if you really want feedback and I'll post you some of the emails.

    I guess the only question i had is revenue model - can you or cant you and if not then whats the point?