Thursday, March 06, 2008

CBS online streaming minutes

Shelly Palmer the man the legend of all things tv posted this earlier this morning.

CBS is streaming the most online video of the major networks, according to comScore’s latest data. In December, the network streamed 104 million minutes of content. NBC streamed 62 million minutes, ABC streamed 28 million and FOX did a lowly 2 million minutes. In related news, NBC released data showing that 77% of online NBC Rewind viewers use the service to complement regular television viewing. The network also claims it is seeing an increase in brand recall rates and that viewers find the online video ads less disruptive than traditional TV ads.

My question is this;
  • As a percentage of users that are in the CBS geographical location and have a PC with broadband connection - how many minutes per potential viewer did this work out to be.
and bonus part:
  • What can CBS do to increase the number of people viewing online?


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