Monday, March 03, 2008

Sprint flat rate voice AND DATA

finally one of the wireless carriers is biting the bullet and offering not only flat rate mobile voice BUT ALSO flat rate data.

After the announcements from Cingular and Verizon about flat rate voice last week this one ups the ante yet again.

(and it's about time too).

Having flat rate data with Cingular has been great plus for me as i'm never afraid about how much is too much, but with these new kinds of flat rate services I might be tempted to switch (though not to Sprint as I only use GSM handsets not interested in cdma).

P.S. This is what competition is all about - I fear it will be a long time before we see something like this in Australia with our duopoly so unfortunately yet another reason i cant go home yet.


  1. It is very confusing to select the most ideal plan that allows the right amount of calls and data. Do I want cheap calls with expensive data, data only, calls only etc etc etc.

    Hopefully other carriers will follow their lead. What are the chances of this happening in Oz?

    Love your blog Dean, keep up the good work.

    See ya......

  2. I don’t know about Australia - I keep hearing the arguments about penetration and density but at the end of the day i think it still comes down to number of competitors in the market.

    eg. my home phone service with packet8 is a flat rate $24.95 per month for all outbound calls to both landlines, long distance and mobile - that’s it $24.95 per month.

    Even with this competition most people have time warner or similar with $34.99 a month flat rate.

    so i guess my point is lots of competition lots of innovation.

    i think the bigger issue is look at the competitive advantage builders and plumbers and car salesmen and doctors etc get when their is a competitive market for voice and data.

    this is my biggest concern about Australia.

    the fact that there are still bandwidth caps on downloads has to be a huge issue with how effective online video etc is benefiting Australia.

    it's a global world out there and our kids need to learn to compete, without government intervention i worry about our long term infrastructure.