Friday, March 27, 2009

How do i

I caught a twitter post from Dennis Crowley this afternoon
"dens RT: @dataspora at the Google search box, type "how to get", then pause. witness a ten-line window into a hundred million whispered wishes."

Lol curious i typed "How Do" into Google

Whats the deal people, are you all out there trying to 'get some' or regretting that you got some and maybe had an accident doing so?

"guy likes you"
"girl likes you"
"How do i get pregnant"

No wonder the economy is in the tubes....... is any body working?



  1. Why do you think advertising uses sex to sell. Life just comes down to sex - it looks like there is a bit of love in there since people seem to be searching for love songs as well.

  2. lol - just found out google are putting ads in their search box..... wonder what it will show for how do i.....