Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Salesforce's Twitter API

This was too cool not to write about.

As a lot of you reading this will already know - I love Twitter and I love Salesforce so how cool is this combination;

Here's how is works: Salesforce plugs in to the Twitter API, and customer care reps can start Twitter searches from within Salesforce's service, bypassing search.twitter.com. If a company discovers someone tweeting about them (good or bad), a button click can import the entire Twitter thread into Salesforce's software.

From there, it's almost the same as if the Twitter user called in on a 1-800 number. A PC user complaining about a faulty graphics card on Twitter can be cross-referenced against similar reports that originate from traditional customer care lines, and if a workaround exists a company can tweet back with a tinyurl (or whatever) link to the solution.

Is it for everyone nope, but if you have a bent for listending to your customers this is a natural module to implement.


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