Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh My Freaking GOD!!!!

Found this via

Some guy got a bunch of random YouTube clips of people playing instruments, editing them together into one of those omfg-I-can't-believe-this-is-real video.

Just so you understand what you are seeing - these people dont know each other and aren't talking to each other. The guy has sampled audio and video tracks from about 50 You Tube videos and just mixed them all together.

I have no idea how many months this took him but it's amazing.

This guy is a legend.

If anyone ever questions the value of the internet sit them down and get them to watch this clip.

This truly is what people like Seth Godin and Clay Shirky have been talking about is 'The Power Of The Internet'

This is the most insane piece of art I have ever seen. The bar has been set high....very very high.
(jodie when watching this said, you know what would be really cool....if someone could put together a whole movie using samples - the gauntlet has been thrown down lets see what you can do with it).


P.S. Just found more of his work here - looks like he has been doing this for a while

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