Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seagate drives suck

Just in case you are thinking of buying Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS hard drives.

I use 7 of these 1.5tb drives in my Thecus N7700 http://deancollinsblog.blogspot.com/2008/10/thecus-n7700.html

Firmware upgrades HAVE NOT FIXED ALL MY PROBLEMS, including having to ship back 4 drives to Seagate that were less than 30 days old and they shipped me back 'reconditioned units'.

If you have to get 1.5tb drives then go ahead but if you don’t have to, then stay away from Seagate for now until they really fix these problems and dont believe all the BS public relations spin that these problems have been fixed by firmware upgrades.

Also another reason to stay away from Seagate is I was surprised to learn that they ship different hardware under the same model number.

In my situation I purchased 7 drives from the same vendor (including a thecus n7700 so they knew it was going to be used for raid), and they shipped me two model sets – fine except they aren’t compatible and cause issues when used together as a raid.

At least with Western Digital (eg the rest of my drives) they announce new models when they change hardware.

Eg. I could be really screwed if in 6 months I wanted to add another drive – as it seems its pot luck what you actually end up with.

There are currently 3 different hardware revisions in the 1.5tb model range !!! this is ludicrous.

Anyway you've been warned Seagate sucks and dont buy their Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS drives.



  1. Agree I purchased 2 250 gb units from newegg and have had nothing but problems in raid and non-raid mode
    big mistake to purchase SEAGATE Products

  2. I have a Thecus N7700+

    I'm going to use Hitachi 7K3000 3Tb drives. Do you have any experience or problems with these Hitachi drives?

  3. I haven't, can you post back what happens ;)


    Hi Dean,
    I'm just here to went some steam from these seagate hard disks, I have been an avid computer user for some time. In the late 90 and early 2000's seagate used to be known for its quality. Yeah used to be known! I mean WD was fine too but I kept using my 20 gb or 40 gb for many years. Then comes hey prices are good and just drool over these 1,5 tb hardisk, price good, what can go wrong. Click Click Click that's what can go wrong,,, And I aint using the drives for raid or anything like that, just simple usb 2.0 back up. ThatS all, 2 weeks later both drives I bought start clicking chirping and stalling. Hmm said maybe it's just these 1.5 tb that have some problem, could be anomally, not all their drives are bad,, right,,wrongg,,,bought an internal Sata 500 gb,,,just to back up the back up,,boom after 2 weeks the speed of the drive goes down way down. Now I'm a guy who doesnt like to change stuff for a while but hell 3 hard disk and 3 f* upks,,,After searching I found that after Seagate bought Maxtor things quality wise started to slip big time. Anyway when sales assistance clerks start saying seagate is good bla bla my hair starts to climb on the back of my neck. Now I have send these drives back, have been keeping them for 4 months because I was so pissed of at their performance that I just let them lay, finally today started to look into sending them back. I mean what the hell, raise the price a few bucks so at least we can some quality,,,then the seagate engineer says, if you partition the sata Barracuda 7200.12 and use the external 30% for gaming, you would get a performance same as an Raptor. (No comment here). Anyway just saw your frustration in this product and am finally ready to start the 'send it back get a new one Send it back' procedure. And I know they just keep resending these harddisk. Yeah feel I feel your pain.
    cheers, Dogan

    So like a question is what good quality hard disk would you vouch for, e.g. hitachi vertabim, lacie,,,thanks blog and keep up the good work.

  5. I agree with you... its the third ST31500341AS that I RMA in 3 months. The latest one with the last firmware and used less than 300 hours, with more than 9.000.000 seek errors and 2 bad sectors.

    That drives have a problem with the heads or something... are all the time click-click-click like the new wd caviar green (at least, in caviar green you can use didle3 to solve the problem)

    Dont buy that 1.5 Seagates HD!! dont matter the firmware you choose, the will fail.