Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tivo USA penetration less than 2%

Wow I had no idea tivo only had only 4 million boxes in the usa – thought their penetration would have been way higher than 2%

Does anyone know if they were higher but fell off as cable companies deployed native DVR's?

Hell I thought Oprah gave away more than 4million units :)

This link was just sent to me by an Australian buddy, it details Tivo subsciption numbers per quarter, wow 700k additional boxes in October 2004, good times gone by

I just dont get why USA cable companies are acting like monopolies in this web 2.0 world, they know it cant last. One of the reasons I created the company was to add additional value to TV, something they should have done a long time ago.




  1. Dean,

    Sad isn't it? We simply adore our three Tivos; (1) TivoHD and (2) Series 2's. We had Comcasts HD DVR and to be blunt...IT BLOWS! It's like going back to a 1970's tele-text terminal.

    We've even suffered through multiple cable card debacles and installer idiocy to have our beloved TivoHD. We also make reasonable use of streaming feeds from Amazon & Netflix.

  2. Yep, cablecard sucks dogs balls, people dont understand why i get so steamed up over cablecard and Cablelabs and how they are screwing over the USA public.

    Cable networks and broadcasters should learn from people like twitter that building API's for other people to add value is the future.

    Hobbling a technology only guarantees you and your technology will die sooner or later and only opens up the door for someone else to replace you with something better.

    Come out on the edge….the view is better from here.