Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Twitter Integral To Your Business Model
Springwise has a great example of a new company that's made Twitter integral to its business model. Kogi Korean BBQ is a food van that travels around LA serving an interesting hybrid- Korean BBQ served in Mexican style tacos. The twist here is that to find out where the van is going to be, you have to follow Kogi on Twitter.

I love it.



  1. You love it?

    How can a marketing gimmick be compared to "integral to your business model".

    Yet another sophomoric attempt at trying to find value in Twitter.

  2. I've been told two other 'trucks' already do this here in NY.

    Guess it aint so sophomoric now is it :P Mr Anonymous'e'

    (get it - mouse, ha ha - lol it's been a long day)