Wednesday, May 20, 2009

USA Today - WTF are you thinking?

I came across this article today

Great yet another freaking proprietary standard to further cloud the issues around 2D barcodes here in the USA.

USA Today, what were you thinking partnering with JagTag?

I know for a fact that Garnett had some really good advice a few years back to stick with QR codes as it was the one and only open standard that required no license fees to either encode 2D codes or to decode codes (eg there are plenty of free readers out there for all types of handsets).

Yet here we are yet again, a single company gets sold a proprietary 'dog' of a 2D code solution because this solution 'has' to be better.

I really wonder what you guys in the ivory tower are thinking sometimes. Do you really think your readers want to download 5 different types of readers to their phone? Do you really think people are going to understand that this type of code needs to be read with this reader or that reader.

And then when i attend conferences all you marketing types run around wondering why no one is downloading your readers or accessing your mobile content.

There is a reason QR codes in Japan are ubiquitous in everyday Japanese life and publishing - it's because they all got together and agreed on a common platform.

What is it about the American psyche that you cant agree to co-operate even when you know deep down inside in the insecure part of your brain that it's the only way to move forward.

Dismayed ....yet again,
Dean Collins


  1. I'm just here to give you shit today and every day for the rest of your life, for thinking and insisting it would be any different, anytime soon, in the United States.



  2. Well said Dean. I really don't understand how anyone at this point could choose a proprietary solution with all of the information now available on QR Codes.


  3. Take a look at the sema code.
    Is Open Source too.

  4. yes i know of sema codes but they are owned by a corporation - and not as widely deployed.

    what exactly do you think that sema code offer over qr codes?