Friday, May 15, 2009

How Do I Use MyTwitterButler

A couple of people have asked me to explain how I use MyTwitterButler so i thought it would be worth posting is here as well.

As you know i had this app built to help me with

I have 11 different twitter accounts for the various chat sites that we are launching at (I use Twhirl as my twitter client btw) and although I don’t run all of them with active searches using MyTwitterButler though you can run up to 11, it slows it down terribly though.

For example I have for the search terms Mets / Giants / MLB running at the moment.

BTW get to love as you’ll need it to kill off users when they don’t follow you after 24 hours and you hit the 1950 follower limit. (BTW do you think I should build this into the next version of MyTwitterButler? So far I’ve donated $40 to Dossy, but I hate using their app so often and for commercial reasons.

Also you have to have your ip address whitelisted, 100 api calls an hour doesn’t last (with whitelisting you get 20,000).

So thats pretty much it, like i said a quick and dirty application for a real life requirement.

Any questions?


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  1. hi there, seems your app works very well. I intend to give it a try. Thought I would tweet my dev friends about it, kind expected that you capture your own keyword, clearly my test (and yours) was effective. Thanks. petax