Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mozilla and Opera are such cry babies
Baker and Lie took exception to the process that Microsoft is using to offer IE8 to customers running the older IE6 and IE7 editions. When users receive an upgrade offer to IE8 via Windows Update, accept the offer and install the browser, then select the "Use express settings" option, IE8 becomes the default browser on the machine, even if a rival had been previously pegged as such.

This is bullshit - Mozilla and Opera are crying foul over nothing - it quite clearly states that that the quick option will change it to IE8. If you dont want to change to IE8 then just select "Choose Custom Settings" and select Firefox or Opera as the default.

These guys are such pussies. I love their use of the word "Laborious" what making 5 mouse clicks is a hard task.

If you dont like it go out and build your own world dominating operating system and get everyone to use it then follow these cry baby rules.

They act like Firefox and Opera users aren't smart enough to change it back if they accidentally select "quick install"..... stop bitching and build a better browser then you might get above 20% usage.


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