Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NebuAd Shuts Down

Case Closed: NebuAd Shuts Down
Behavioral targeting company NebuAd effectively shuttered on Friday, according to court documents.
The closing came to light over the weekend, when lawyers filed a letter notifying U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen in San Francisco about the closure. "From a company that once employed over 60 people, NebuAd now operates with a skeleton staff, and shortly, that too will disappear," wrote attorney Alan Himmelfarb.

This could have all been solved if NebuAd wasn't greedy. They wanted to 'capture' all of your Internet traffic/clicks/search information at an ISP level without your permission which is why today they are being closed down.

If they had of come to ISP's and said hey we would like to offer your users a $10 discount per month and btw we'll share the data with you for just your customers BOTH the ISP's and countless millions of customers would have jumped onto the platform and they would have been a successful platform bigger than commscore etc.

Idiots, you have to wonder who is making the executive decisions at companies like this.

You cant steal something for nothing and think that it's ok.


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